Cat Microgrid Solutions

Our Wheeler Power Systems team is with you at every phase of your project.
From the delivery of your complete turnkey or design-to-order solution with maximized renewable penetration through to product upgrades, financing services, warranty, service agreements and parts availability.

A Complete Solution

Microgrid-Solution-InfographicOur Microgrids operate without reliance on the grid and existing infrastructure. They come with complete controls for managing the entire grid, flexible fuel options, and are designed for super performance from the electronics system to the thin-film solar modules that are setting the industry benchmark for solar panels. Systems are created using standardized building blocks that are easily configured to your specifications. Installation is possible in challenging environments including mining sites and remote areas.

The Time is right for Microgrid Solutions

Thanks to breakthroughs in modern technology and the increased viability of clean, renewable energy, it’s now possible to quickly and inexpensively implement dependable power systems in virtually any location or environment. Cat Microgrids can be delivered as a complete turnkey solution or tailor-made to your specific needs. Our Wheeler Power Systems team provides comprehensive, ongoing support from project conception and design to installation and implementation. We also offer:

  • Product upgrades and system expansion
  • In-house financial services
  • Standard and extended warranties
  • Complete parts and service agreements

Cat Energy Time Shift System Brochure

Microgrid Master Controller Brochure

Transform your power capabilities with Cat Microgrid Solutions.

Questions? Contact:
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