Compact Track and Multi Terrain Loaders

Cat® Compact Track Loaders for Sale

Cat compact track loaders feature a suspended rubber track undercarriage for optimal performance. They offer superior traction, stability, versatility and flotation in a variety of conditions. When looking for a new compact track loader in Utah, turn to Wheeler Machinery Co. As the region's Cat dealership, we sell the latest models of these reliable machines.

For more information about compact track loaders from Caterpillar®, read 10 reasons to choose Cat Compact Track and Multi Terrain Loaders over the competition.

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What Makes a Compact Track Loader Different Than a Skid Steer?

Compact track loaders offer different types of utility than skid steers because they have tracks instead of tires. These two machines work similarly, but this critical difference makes them better suited to different applications. Consider these aspects when choosing between a compact track loader and skid steer:

  • Ideal surface: Track and tires create different types of ground pressure that suit certain surfaces better than others. The even distribution of a track loader lets it excel on ground, while a skid steer's tires work well on pavement.
  • Maneuverability: Compared to a compact track loader, a skid steer can make tighter turns and faster maneuvers. Compact track loaders help in applications that require narrow movement.
  • Cost of replacement: The lifespans and costs of tires and tracks balance out to offer a similar ROI for replacement. Tracks tend to have a higher initial cost than tires, but they also last longer.

New Compact Track Loader Attachments at Wheeler Machinery Co.

A compact track loader's greatest strength lies in its attachment variety. At Wheeler Machinery Co., we offer a wide range of attachments for these machines, including:

Applications for Compact Track Loaders

Since they excel in maneuvering on soft, muddy surfaces, compact track loaders find use in industries such as:

How to Optimize Your Compact Track Loader's Performance

As a Cat compact track loader owner, you can get the most out of your new equipment by taking these steps:

Learn Proper Operation

Skid steer and compact track loaders need different operation styles to keep them in the best condition. Carefully read your operator's guide for tips on how to effectively control your compact track loader. You can also ask Wheeler Machinery Co. and Caterpillar for operation training.

Get Preventative Maintenance

When you get regular preventative maintenance for your compact track loader, you ensure that it operates at its best performance. Ask our technicians about starting a preventative maintenance plan.

Ask Wheeler Machinery Co. for Support

We offer additional services to help you manage your fleet, including:

  • Field and shop service: Get maintenance and repairs from our technicians on your site or ours.
  • Technology and software: Ask us about SITECH and Cat technology that helps you oversee your fleet and staff.
  • Online parts catalog: Order the parts you need at Parts.Cat.Com and pick up at any of our locations across Utah.

Learn More About New Cat Compact Track Loaders for Sale in Utah

For more information about our inventory of Cat compact track loaders, call us at 801-974-0511 or contact our experts today. To learn more about pricing and the buying process, request a quote online.