Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

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Maintenance Tracking Automated with Product Link Enabled Machines
Product Link is standard on most CAT equipment and can be added to models that did not come with this feature standard. No need to track your fleet hours. We can monitor machine hours remotely for service scheduling.

Fluid Sampling & Analysis
Fluid samples are taken at each service and analyzed at Wheeler’s Fluid Analysis lab. You will receive a fluid health report for each sample taken.

LED Lighting for Servicing During All Hours
Don’t lose production time. We can service your equipment after hours. There are no additional charges for after-hours servicing.

CAT Quality Parts and Service
Trained technicians use quality parts during machine services to ensure machine performance and longevity.

Electronic Machine Inspection Report
Technicians perform a machine inspection at each service and the inspection will be e-mailed to you. Gain insight into machine condition even when you’re not able to visit each job site.

Blank Inspection Form Sample 2
Sample 1 Sample 3

Ready to Run Tag in Cab Following Service
Operators will know when the machine has been serviced. When you arrive on site following our service, you will see the “Ready to Run” tag in the cab.

Superior Fluid Quality via Kidney Looped Filtration
We are upgrading our filtration systems to exceed your expectations. Fluid is filtered as it is pumped onto the truck during truck operation and as the fluid is placed in each machine.

Heated Oil for Cold Weather Service Efficiency
Cold weather can slow service times. Heated fluid delivery speeds this process in cold temps to ensure time-efficient servicing of your equipment.

Mobile Lube Service, We Come to You
We service all makes and models of equipment. You focus on production and we’ll perform services at your job sites, wherever they may be.

Wheeler provides you with the highest level of Lube Service support. Other benefits include:

  • Planned Maintenance Agreements
  • Proper disposal of waste oil and coolants
  • Service available for both your Cat® and non-Cat equipment
  • Retention of maintenance records

Have questions or assistance? Let us know how we can help by contacting Wheeler Maintenance Service.

Beau J. Andersen: Maintenance Service Manager
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