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Cat® Wheel Loaders for Sale

Cat wheel loaders can handle just about any type of material handling application with speed and efficiency. If you’re a business owner, a Cat wheel loader will enable you to complete more projects in less time, which will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Wheeler Machinery Co. is proud to offer the complete lineup of brand-new Cat wheel loaders for sale at our Utah locations. This includes the remarkable 994F, the world’s largest integrated tool carrier.

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You’ll Find Cat Wheel Loaders for Sale in All Sizes

Our Selection of New Cat Wheel Loaders for Sale

Wheeler Machinery Co. carries Cat wheel loaders in a variety of sizes, including compact, small, medium and large and even block handler arrangement units. These state-of-the-art machines are equipped with integral quick couplers that enable lightning-fast tool changes, which saves time and avoids costly interruptions to your work processes. Our heavy equipment experts can help you explore the features of each machine so you can select the perfect model for your applications.

Benefits of Wheel Loaders From Caterpillar®

When you choose a new Cat wheel loader for sale in Utah, you get one of the state's most reliable equipment choices. Wheel loaders have numerous applications, and Cat models have a legacy of quality. Hardworking businesses use Cat equipment because of the following traits:

  • Dependability: Engineers from Caterpillar develop wheel loaders with reliability as the top priority. Cat machines have modular parts with quality designs that keep equipment running. Company-issued warranties support our promise of dependability.
  • Trusted reputation: Caterpillar has a history that goes back to the late 1890s. Officially founded in 1925, Caterpillar has almost a century of experience in the heavy equipment industry. Hardworking businesses count on Caterpillar for equipment that upholds the company's legacy.
  • Support: As a Cat equipment client, you'll get industry-leading support from Wheeler Machinery Co. New Cat wheel loaders come with warranties and assistance that help you integrate your machine into your fleet.

Applications for Cat Wheel Loaders

Due to their wide selection of attachments, Cat wheel loaders find use in multiple industries. In addition to material handling, the businesses that use wheel loaders include:

  • Construction: Wheel loaders clear debris to create job site foundations and move materials such as pipes.
  • Agriculture: Special attachments let farmers use wheel loaders to till and clear ground for planting.
  • Forestry: The forestry industry uses wheel loaders to cut and move logs to transfer to a facility.
  • Mining: Quarries count on wheel loaders to move rocks and other materials across facilities.
  • Waste management: In landfills and recycling centers, wheel loaders transfer and sort trash.

Find Brand New Wheel Loader Attachments in Utah

Attachments make wheel loaders versatile resources in equipment fleets across the world. Caterpillar manufactures a wide range of attachments for this machine type, including:

Service and Parts

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we offer the parts and service you need to keep your fleet in top condition. As a member of the Cat dealership network, we provide these services:

Online Parts Catalog

Order from Parts.Cat.Com to get delivery for millions of Cat parts. When you order from the Cat online parts catalog, you can choose to have your purchase delivered to one of our locations. Shop for parts and check for their in-store availability 24 hours a day, then pick up your order during our operating hours.

Maintenance and Service

Let our team of more than 250 equipment technicians handle your service and maintenance. They can provide field service and preventative maintenance to keep your machines running optimally. When you need an enhancement in performance, our technicians also perform repairs and rebuilds.

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