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Equipment Health

Equipment Health

Condition Monitoring Center

Condition Monitoring is the proactive management for machine health for maximum uptime and productivity at the lowest cost.

Advanced Condition Monitoring gives you a team of professional data analysts, machine technicians and analytic systems to help you turn your machine’s symptoms into comprehensive, timely and actionable reports with real advice and counsel on how and when to manage your machine health. Wheeler Machinery Co. can monitor, analyze and act on all five elements of machine data. Machine monitoring is included in our Wheeler CVA programs.

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Cat dozer with technology enabled.


VisionLink is a cloud-based software application that takes the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximize performance – regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer. Receive equipment data seamlessly to your desktop or mobile device, all from a convenient centralized solution to make informed decisions at every turn.

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Wheeler Oil Lab

Fluids Analysis Lab

What if you could save thousands of dollars a year on ownership and operation costs by doing just one service? You can with Wheeler’s SOSSM Services. This regular check of your oil, coolant, and fuel gives you important information that you can use to avoid sudden breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

Provide us with your sample, our fluids analysis experts take care of the rest. They use unique methods, advanced chemistry, and the most up-to-date technology to find problems like excessive wear, contaminated fluids, and other problems that can’t be seen. You get reports that are easy to understand and suggestions that you can act on quickly.

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Maximize uptime with these tools

Increase Your Uptime. Reduce Your Operating Costs.

Connectivity services are built to help make business decisions that improve productivity and profitability. Working with Wheeler Machinery Co. will allow you to gain greater insight into machine health, productivity, performance, logistics, and utilization.

Connectivity solutions couple technology and services to boost job site efficiencies. By making smart use of technology, Wheeler Machinery Co. can help you find new ways to enhance production, reduce costs, and improve the safety of your people and equipment. Build the more sustainable and successful business you want by making use of technology and services to take control of your job sites. Give your business the competitive edge by using Connectivity solutions.

Equipment Health

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