Fluids Analysis Lab


Maintaining your equipment with good cost control is one of your top priorities. Wheeler Machinery is committed to assisting you in minimizing your equipment operating costs. The place to start is with Wheeler’s Fluids Analysis Lab – oil, fuel and coolant analysis. These tests provide the fastest, most accurate, most reliable ways to see what’s going on inside your equipment. Proper fluid maintenance is imperative to keep machines and engines operating at peak performance.

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Oil Lab Part Numbers

Oil Testing Packages (Available in 1, 10, 25, 50 & 100 count sample kits)
Standard Analysis includes:

  • Elemental Analysis (22 elements)
  • Viscosity @ 100°C
  • FTIR (Soot, Oxidation, Nitration, Antiwear, Sulfate)
  • Fuel % by GC Method
  • Glycol % by GC Method
  • Water by Crackle Test Method
Standard Oil Analysis Test Kits (includes mailer unless noted otherwise)
 Part # Description
 SOS1  1 ea. Oil Sample
 SOSPROBE  1 ea. Sample w/Probe
 SOS10  10 Count Oil Sample
 SOS25  25 Count Oil Sample
 SOS50  50 Count Oil Sample
 SOS100  100 Count Oil Sample
 SOSSHOP  1 ea. Oil Sample (no mailer)
 SHOPPROBEKIT  1 ea. Oil Sample w/Probe (no mailer)


Standard Oil Analysis with Particle Count Test Kits (includes mailer unless noted otherwise)
 Part #  Description
 SOS1PC  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SOS25PC  25 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SOS100PC  100 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SHOPPROBEKIT  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/PC Probe (no mailer)
 SOSPROBEPC  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count

Fuel Testing Packages

Part # FUEL1 – Standard Fuel Check includes:

  • Biodiesel Content
  • Microbial Growth
  • Karl Fischer Water
  • Visual Inspection
  • Particle Count
  • API Gravity
  • Elemental Analysis

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The core of Equipment Management is scheduled oil sampling. Wheeler’s Fluids Analysis Lab is one of the most useful and important maintenance support programs available.

Here’s why:

  • Avoid – Fluids analysis services enable you to keep minor repairs from becoming major ones and help you to avoid complete failures. Often an adjustment or replacement of a single part, based on fluids analysis results, can prevent a small problem from growing into a major repair.
  • Track – Fluids analysis enables you to predict wear-related problems, allowing greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime control. Through this, you are equipped with a tool that tracks the wear of components and parts, tracks oil performance and tracks oil condition. Fluids analysis lets you know what is going on inside your equipment.
  • Maintain – Fluids analysis shortens repair time. Using Wheeler’s Fluids Analysis Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a service technician to go directly to the core of the problem.
  • Optimize – Fluids analysis aids in the optimization of oil change intervals.
  • Manage – Fluids analysis manages component life and equipment availability; thus, reducing owning and operating costs. Downtime is decreased and productivity and profitability are increased.

For maximum protection, you need fluids analysis – oil, fuel and coolant analysis for all major oil-lubricated systems: engine, transmission, hydraulic system and final drives.

Prevent the likelihood of premature component failure by utilizing the services of the Wheeler Fluid Analysis Lab. Results are typically available within 24 hours, and you can view your results online or by e-mail.

Learn best practices for collecting a good oil sample here.

Questions? Contact:
Christina Perez: Oil Lab Supervisor
801-978-1638 or cperez@wheelercat.com