Fluids Analysis Lab

Fluids Analysis Lab

Your heavy equipment needs clean, contaminant-free oil, diesel fuel and coolant to function properly and prevent damage to vital parts and components. As such, regular machine fluid analysis is crucial for maintaining its health and detecting potential issues.

Business owners in Utah and portions of Arizona, Wyoming and Nevada can count on Wheeler Machinery Co. for all their heavy equipment fluid analysis needs. We have a decades-long track record of helping companies like yours get the most out of their machines.

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SOS Reports Get a New Look!

SOS Reports Get a New Look!

Oil Lab Part Numbers

Oil Testing Packages (Available in 1, 10, 25, 50 & 100 count sample kits)

Standard Analysis includes:

  • Elemental Analysis (22 elements)
  • Viscosity @ 100°C
  • FTIR (Soot, Oxidation, Nitration, Antiwear, Sulfate)
  • Fuel % by GC Method
  • Glycol % by GC Method
  • Water by Crackle Test Method
Standard Oil Analysis Test Kits (includes mailer unless noted otherwise)
 Part # Description
 SOS1  1 ea. Oil Sample
 SOSPROBE  1 ea. Sample w/Probe
 SOS10  10 Count Oil Sample
 SOS25  25 Count Oil Sample
 SOS50  50 Count Oil Sample
 SOS100  100 Count Oil Sample
 SOSSHOP  1 ea. Oil Sample (no mailer)
 SHOPPROBEKIT  1 ea. Oil Sample w/Probe (no mailer)
Standard Oil Analysis with Particle Count Test Kits (includes mailer unless noted otherwise)
 Part #  Description
 SOS1PC  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SOS25PC  25 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SOS100PC  100 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count
 SHOPPROBEKIT  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/PC Probe (no mailer)
 SOSPROBEPC  1 Ea. Oil Sample w/Particle Count

Fuel Testing Packages

Part # FUEL1 – Standard Fuel Check includes:

  • Biodiesel Content
  • Microbial Growth
  • Karl Fischer Water
  • Visual Inspection
  • Particle Count
  • API Gravity
  • Elemental Analysis

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Our S·O·S Fluid Analysis Process

As the region’s exclusive Cat® equipment dealer, Wheeler Machinery Co. implements the Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S) Fluid Analysis program developed by Caterpillar. This program utilizes ASTM laboratory methods to check for signs of wear and contamination in oil, diesel fuel and coolant samples. We can perform this service for Cat and non-Cat machines.

We use the following steps to execute the process:

  • Collecting the sample: One of our trained technicians will take the sample from your machine at your jobsite or while in one of our conveniently located facilities. We can also train your technicians how to obtain a sample for testing.
  • Analysis: We’ll evaluate the sample to determine the fluid’s condition and detect degradation or contamination that could harm the equipment.
  • Report development: Our techs will create a comprehensive report that details the status and health of the machine’s fluids and makes recommendations for improvements.
  • Report delivery: We’ll share our findings in an easy-to-follow format. We’re available to answer your questions and clarify the information.

What Are the Benefits of Fluid Analysis?

Heavy equipment oil analysis and other fluid sampling steps can provide several business advantages:

  • Early detection: Sampling enables you to discover potential issues in the early stages and intervene before they become expensive headaches. You can also avoid costly service interruptions that put your projects behind schedule.
  • Effective monitoring: You’ll be able to track your equipment closely and predict wear-related problems. You can then tailor your preventative maintenance schedules to ensure your machines receive timely service.
  • Lower costs: It’s much less expensive to conduct regularly scheduled maintenance steps like machine fluid analysis than make significant repairs. Keeping healthy fluids in your equipment can provide a substantial return on your investment by reducing your long-term ownership costs.
  • Extended equipment life span: If yours is like most of the Utah companies we serve, you want your heavy equipment to last many years. Timely fluid analysis can contribute to an extended equipment life cycle and lengthen the time between replacements. You’ll have more funds to allocate to other areas of your business operations.

Learn More About Scheduling Machine Fluid Analysis in Utah

Make sure your heavy equipment fleet continues to perform well and keep your mechanical issues to a minimum. Explore the benefits of machine fluid analysis conducted by the experts at Wheeler Machinery Co.

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