Caterpillar hard rock drill in a mine

Cat Command for Loading

Cat Command for Loading

Cat Command for Loading is a remote control option that contributes to jobsite safety by allowing operators to run a wheel loader remotely in hazardous applications.

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Work at a Safe Distance

    • Reduces operator safety risks such as high wall collapse, machine rollover or fall.
    • Decreases potential for injury from slips, trips and falls when climbing on and off machine.
    • Includes multiple, redundant safety features to stop all motion of machine if a stop switch is pressed, wireless communications are lost, a severe fault is detected or the command console is tilted more than 60 degrees from normal operating position.
    • Prevents accidental activation with command console that is unique to each machine system.
    • Prevents coasting in neutral thanks to auto hold feature.
    Work at a Safe Distance

Enhance Productivity

    • Operators can quickly and easily switch between Cat Command installed machines, and change jobsite locations, with no downtime.
    • Reduce operator fatigue by eliminating the in-cab effects of vibration, noise, and rough terrain.
    • Quick system response and fine modulation of controls are enabled through comprehensive machine integration of the electronic and hydraulic systems.
    • Commands from the command console are sent directly to the engine and implement electronics via a dedicated radio, reducing delays.
    • The system allows complete control with access to advanced features offered on Cat machines such as Autodig, an optional feature that increases productivity.
    • Allow operators who have had medical concerns to return to work and operate machines earlier.
    Enhance Productivity


    • Available for select Cat dozers, excavators, and wheel loaders.
    • Fully functional command console contains basic machine functions such as start-up/shutdown, gear selection, rack/dump and lift/lower are easily accessed through the ergonomic layout of console controls.
    • Critical machine and system status information is also delivered through the command console.
    • LED indicator lights and display show the user the gear selection, temperatures, operational mode, faults, systems status, and low battery warning.
    • Integration of Caterpillar electronics enables the activation of several safety features to ensure the user is in control of the machine at all times.
    • Command console allows for line-of-sight control up to 400 meters (437 yards).
    • Does not require any on-site communications infrastructure.
    • Uses 2.4 GHz frequency communications protocol.
    • The machine will shut down if the controller is tipped more than 45 degrees, indicating that the operator has fallen.

    NOTE: Command Console is unavailable in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.


    • Available for select Cat dozers, excavators and wheel loaders.
    • Enables the operator to work remotely in a comfortable, seated “virtual cab” with familiar controls and machine displays.
    • Can be located in a command center onsite or many miles away.
    • Reduces operator fatigue with a comfortable indoor working environment.
    • Operator inputs are sent directly to the machine electronics via a dedicated radio transmitter/receiver, resulting in real-time implement control.
    • Controls deliver the same response time as in the cab, maintaining precise control for all excavator applications.
    • High-quality video delivers a clear view of the work area.
    • Operators can easily switch between machines, or change jobsites with no downtime.
    • Enables trainers to stand beside an operator, without noise or movement.

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    • Cat Command is designed exclusively for – and deeply integrated into – select Cat machines, resulting in system reliability and durability.
    • Select Cat Command models include easy-to-install Command kits.
    • Cat Command can be retro-installed on certain existing Cat machines.
    * Talk to your Cat dealer for more information about Cat Command.
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