“They’re focused on understanding versus just trying to sell me a part or a machine.”

Judd Palmer, JP Excavating Inc.

“Through Condition Monitoring, we’re able to find the problems before they become a major shutdown.”

Brett Horne, Hogan & Associates Construction

“It’s not just a sale, they really care – They care about their equipment and they care about the people who bought their equipment.”

Dave Imlay, Hurricane City Power

“Our family, representing four different businesses, have all traditionally purchased Case excavation equipment. In December (2014) I was just ready to purchase a new Case trackhoe but decided to look at all other brands just prior to buying the Case. I went and visited with Ryan and, at first, thought he was just another sales person trying to push me to buy his products. After visiting with Ryan, he quickly proved me wrong. He suggested that if he could not find what I needed that he would assist me in finding it from another Cat dealer. This level of integrity and service truly impressed me. Well, I ended up buying my first Cat that night, from Ryan. Yes, it was night by the time we got the deal worked out. He stayed much past 5pm to make sure I made the purchase before the end of the day so I could get my year-end bonus depreciation. Since my purchase, Ryan has been outstanding. He goes out of his way to serve my business and never pushes me but rather leads me. I have started over a dozen businesses, including the worldwide Bullfrog Spas, have hired hundreds of employees, have seen about everything imaginable, and can tell you that there are not many Ryan’s out there – he is someone I would hang on to! Because of Ryan, I am converted to a CAT person – it is in my blood! (I also bought a Trimble Trackhoe Laser System, ground laser, ripper bar, etc.). Looking forward to my next CAT purchase!”

Dave Ludlow, Landrancher LC

“I would recommend Wheeler because Meredith had a lot of helpful insights to fuel filters. He Recommended few different things for me, and he actually ordered the filters for me. He also got me my parts the next day”

Trent Dankliff, Precision Pipeline

” I come into Wheeler a few times a day and deal with Parts Express, and I am always satisfied by the customer service, that’s for today and every other day.”

Nate Wagner, Kilgore Companies