Remote Generator Dashboard

What costs do you incur if your generator shuts down without warning?

The Remote Generator DashBoard (RGDB) allows the operator to have a warning before the generator shuts down. Mounted in the operator’s tower and connected to the generator via a wireless radio, it warns the operator of any faults.

While using the RGDB, a customer had a piece of iron go through their crusher. The RGDB set off the warning buzzer before the overcurrent tripped. This warned the operator to shut the machine down faster resulting in less damage to the crusher.


  • Notification of generator faults
  • Real-time monitoring of generator gauges. Percentage of load, voltage, current, frequency, oil pressure, coolant temp, battery voltage, and fuel pressure.
  • Wireless radio capable of 4 miles communication line of site.
  • Wireless emergency stop.
  • Flashing indication if monitoring gauges are out of normal operation.

Works with EMCP Control Panel – 3.2 / 3.3 / 4.2 / 4.4

Remote Generator Dashboard

Remote Generator Dashboard

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