Cat excavator and articulated truck

2022 Caterpillar 306 C3 TAQ

2022 Caterpillar 306 C3 TAQ

Price: $109,500

  • Hours 252

  • Rating As-Is

  • Serial Num 6G605533

  • Used Hotline N/A

  • Location Lindon, UT

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Product Specifications


*306 07a Cr Mini Excavator

*alarm, Travel

*belt, Seat, 3" Retractable

*blade, Angle, Boce

*boom, Swing

*camera, Rear View

*cat Key, With Passcode Option

*control, Qc, 3 Line

*drain, Ecology

*electrical Arr, C2.4 Hrc

*engine, Epa Tier 4 Final

*film, Coupler, Iso

*film, Inc. Canada

*heater, Water Jacket

*instructions, Ansi

*integrated Radio

*lights, Standard

*lines, Boom

*lines, Qc, Lng Stk, 3 Line

*lines, Stick

*linkage Bucket W/ Lifting Eye

*monitor Next Gen, Camera Ready

*no Extra Counterweight

*product Link, Cellular Pl243

*seat, Mech Susp, Fabric, Cab

*software, 2 Way Control

*software, Coded Start

*software, Proportional Control

*software, Stick Steer Control

*stick, Long, Angle Blade

*track, 16", Rubber Belt

*travel Pedals

Angle Blade

Hyd Qc)

Lane 2 Order

Operator's Manual

Packing, Last Mile Program

Priced 05/03/23 Da (thumb

Serialized Technical Media Kit

Shipping/storage Protection