MH3050 Wheel Material Handler

MH3050 Wheel Material Handler

The Cat® MH3050 offers superior performance within its size class. A wide undercarriage and stabilizer footprint keep the machine sturdily in place, while the boom and stick options combine to provide up to 18 m (59’1”) reach. The MH3050 combines components from next generation Cat excavators with the material handler cab to bring you maximized productivity, enhanced comfort, and the reliability you expect from your machine.

  • Engine Model Cat C9.3B

  • Maximum Operating Weight 110250 lb

  • Maximum Reach 59.3 ft

  • Net Power - ISO 9249 346 HP

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Product Specifications



  • Biodiesel Capability Up to B20¹

  • Bore 4.5in

  • Displacement 568in³

  • Emissions Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards.

  • Engine Model Cat C9.3B

  • Engine Power - ISO 14396 347HP

  • Engine Power - ISO 14396 (DIN) 352hp (metric)

  • Net Power - ISO 9249 346HP

  • Net Power - ISO 9249 (DIN) 351hp (metric)

  • Note (1) Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator with engine speed at 1,900 rpm. Advertised power is tested per the specified standard in effect at the time

  • Note (2) ¹Cat diesel engines are required to use ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with 15 ppm of sulfur or less) or ULSD blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels** up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)* or 100% renewable diesel, HVO

  • Stroke 5.9in

Machine Weights

  • Maximum Operating Weight 110250lb

  • Minimum Operating Weight 105800lb

Working Ranges

  • Boom MH Boom 10.95 m (35'11")

  • Boom Pin Height 44.2ft

  • Maximum Depth 18.9ft

  • Maximum Height 62.4ft

  • Maximum Reach 59.3ft

  • Maximum Reach at Ground Line 59.3ft

  • Minimum Dump Height 17.5ft

  • Stick Industrial 8.3m (27'3")


  • Drawbar Pull 40915lb/ft

  • Maximum Travel Speed 11.2mile/h

Hydraulic System

  • Maximum Pressure - Implements 4496psi

  • Maximum Pressure - Swing 4264psi

  • Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076psi

Service Refill Capacities

  • Cooling System 10.6gal (US)

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 21.1gal (US)

  • Engine Oil 8.5gal (US)

  • Final Drive - Each 1.2gal (US)

  • Front Steering Axle - Differential 10.6gal (US)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity 158.5gal (US)

  • Hydraulic System - Including Tank 111.7gal (US)

  • Hydraulic Tank 49.1gal (US)

  • Powershift Transmission 0.8gal (US)

  • Rear Axle - Housing (Differential) 10.6gal (US)

Swing Mechanism

  • Maximum Swing Torque 105820ft·lbf

  • Swing Speed 7r/min


  • Boom MH 10.95 m (35'11")

  • Cab Height- Lowered 12ft

  • Cab Height-Lowered with OPG 12.2ft

  • Cab Height-Raised 18.4ft

  • Cab Height-Raised with OPG 20.7ft

  • Counterweight Clearance 5.3ft

  • Ground Clearance 0.9ft

  • Machine Length 22.5ft

  • Shipping Height (with OPG, without stick) 12.2ft

  • Shipping Length 48.7ft

  • Shipping Width 11.4ft

  • Stick Industrial 8.3m (27'3")

  • Tail Swing Radius 11.6ft

  • Undercarriage Length 22.2ft

  • Upper Frame Width (including handrails) 10.2ft

  • Wheel Base 11.2ft

Air Conditioning System

  • Note (1) The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.25 kg (2.76 lb) of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.787 metric tonnes (1.970 tons).



Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.

  • 10.95 m (35'11") Straight Material Handling boom

  • 8.3 m (27'3") Industrial stick

  • Advanced sound suppressed TOPS certified cab with rubber mounts

  • Heated and cooled premium seat with air suspension with headrest

  • High-resolution 254 mm (10") LCD touchscreen monitor

  • VisionLink®

  • Cat Payload

  • Remote Flash

  • Remote Troubleshoot

  • LED lights on boom, stick and cab

  • LED lights on chassis and counterweight

  • Programmable time-delay LED working lights

  • Maintenance free batteries

  • Centralized electrical disconnect switch

  • Automatic engine speed control

  • Three selectable modes: Power, Smart, Eco

  • Remote disable

  • 52°C (125°F) high-ambient cooling capacity

  • Cold starting capability for -32°C (-25°F)

  • Double element air filter with integrated precleaner

  • Electric fuel priming pump

  • Two-stage fuel filtration system with water separator and indicator

  • Secure start with Personal Identification Number (PIN) code

  • On-demand hydraulic cooling fan with auto-reverse function

  • SmartBoom

  • Boom and stick lowering control check valves

  • Boom and stick regeneration circuits

  • Electronic main control valve

  • Automatic hydraulic oil warm up

  • High performance hydraulic return filter

  • 2-Slider joysticks

  • Medium pressure (grapple rotate) and cab riser valve

  • Capability of installing additional generator pump and circuit

  • Fine swing capability

  • Joystick steering

  • Automatic swing parking brake

  • Adjustable hydraulic aggressiveness

  • Pattern changer

  • 2D E-fence with Cab Avoidance

  • Caterpillar One Key Security System

  • Travel alarm

  • Signal/warning horn

  • Lockable external tool/storage box

  • Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls

  • Ground-level accessible secondary engine shutoff switch in cab

  • Bluetooth® receiver

  • Anti-skid plate and countersunk bolts on service platform

  • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S℠)

  • QuickEvac maintenance ready

  • Grouped location for engine oil and fuel filters

  • Automatic lubrication system for implement and swing system

  • All wheel drive

  • Automatic brake/axle lock

  • Creeper speed

  • Electronic swing and travel lock

  • Heavy-duty axles, advanced disc brake system and travel motor, adjustable braking force

  • Oscillating front axle, lockable, with remote greasing point

  • Access steps and one tool box at the undercarriage

  • Two speed hydrostatic transmission

  • Counterweight 9000 kg (19850 lb)

Optional Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.

  • Operator Protective Guards (OPG)

  • Generator, 25 kW with wiring to stick nose

  • Cooling door with integrated fine mesh screen

  • Cat BIO HYDO Advanced biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Rear and right-side-view cameras

  • 360° visibility

  • Rotating beacon on cab

  • Tires, 12.00-24, dual, solid rubber

  • Tires, 14.00-24, dual, solid rubber

  • Access steps rear at the undercarriage